GGlvlup came about because I desperately needed a wireless headset to game. I am not a very idle gamer. While I wait in gaming queues I often get up to get a snack, pop into my siblings' room, step away to the restroom, or simply shift my posture and *snag* my headset wire would get yanked out by the doorknob, my bum, my sister's dog :(. I was convinced that there had to be Bluetooth options somewhere out there that were affordable AND also looked cute. I spent months combing through shops in different countries, scouring internet pages, learning about console architecture (mostly PlayStation) and what prohibits Bluetooth functionality, and testing Bluetooth adapters until I found a somewhat solution. The difficulty just to find a ps4 -compatible wireless headset, and one that had some personality, is what prompted me to create this shop. In 20-current year, where Internet is bountiful, it shouldn't be so difficult to access to decent gamer gear with style options  - especially in a day and age when there is so much more personality in the gamer-sphere! My hopes are that my shop will help push the market in a direction that challenges audio techs to not just make quality gear but stylish gear as well. I game almost as much as I work, I always want to look and thus feel good in my workspace. That ambition doesn't change when I game. Let's get this ish y'all.